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Last winter while driving home from NYC, I notice a homeless man sleeping on the sidewalk with his feet exposed, swollen and filthy. I instantly thought, this poor guy, how horrible this is, not even a pair of socks on his feet to keep him warm. So, I decided to do something. I’m starting a mission to combat cold in the homeless communities. Just a pair of socks, a minimal gesture, to potentially keep someone warm, cozy and hopefully keep them from getting ill. I am reaching out to everyone I know asking for a contribution to this cause. I also ask that you forward this request to everyone you know and ask them to do the same. This can grow to enormous proportions and collectively we can help so many. You’re donations of socks in any size, style or color, for men, women and children, will go the homeless, the needy and shelters throughout New Jersey and New York. With winter fast approaching, the need to keep warm will come fast. Just think how much you can help others by simply donating a pair of socks. In addition, the satisfaction achieved knowing you helped someone less fortunate is a priceless feeling. We have already collected over 800 pairs in only a matter of about a month or so.

please contact me for instructions on making donations

NOTE: I prefer new, but socks may be used only if they are in good condition ie: no holes no stains and MATCHING pairs please.

Thank you in advance for your generous donations. SPREAD THE WORD
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December 7, 2009


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